Top Reason People Sell their Homes

Updated: Feb 23

People sell homes every day, but what are the most common reasons to sell a home? The statistics show some interesting trends. For example, the most common reason someone may trade their home is well they plan to relocate to a different city for a career opportunity.

It is also common to sell to satisfy the need for more space, and when those kids have all moved out, you got it less space. Plenty of people is selling their homes for the same reason that you are considering selling yours.

Let us dig into common reasons that people sell their homes; read it if one of those resonates with you, do contact us to sell your home in Houston, Tx.

Homes are too small:

First-time home buyers often outgrow their starter home; increased family size is the number one reason why owners say they need a larger home.

To upgrade:

People often want what they do not have; they long for a bigger, more expensive, more upscale home. It is the American Way, after all.

To fix a purchase error:

Owners might believe that they made a mistake in purchasing their present home, and they want to rectify that mistake. So maybe they thought they could get by without a backyard, but today they want a garden or realize that their formal dining room is only used as folding laundry.

A job transfer:

Relocation makes it necessary for me to pull up and move. If the commuting distance exceeds an hour on average, most people would prefer not to spend two hours in traffic every day.

Personal relationships changes:

Moving in with a partner, getting married can mean one of the partners will need to sell. Especially if they both owned a home before the commitment, of course, a breakup also causes owners to sell.


The acquaintance might have changed for the worse economically, socially, physically. For example, maybe a freeway was constructed nearby, or maybe the next-door neighbor is receiving visitors throughout all hours of the night, or perhaps sheets hanging in the windows have become acceptable home improvement.


The kids have grown up moved out; the owners want a smaller home. It means the older you get, the harder it is to take care of a big house. To see family more often, some people want to be closer to their relatives and are willing to move to do that.

To stay close with family:

Less often, some will move to a state to maintain harmony within the family.


Active adult communities are attracting many buyers over the age of 55; these plan communities offer golf courses, clubhouses, workout facilities, weekend social gatherings, backyard, barbecue, parties, all of them designed for folks over 55. It is a very real factor for folks here on the Central Coast.

Health problems:

Physical ailments such as ear or back problems make it difficult for an aging population to climb stairs in the two-story so that a one-story home may be more practical.

Deferred maintenance:

Some people do not want to put on a new roof or replace the sighting or buy a new furnace, so it is easier to buy a newer home. When you figure that the life cycle of many home systems is about 15 years to some, it could make sense to go ahead and sell and purchase your home.

A small segment of the population or flippers:

These people enjoy fixing up and selling; they spend time, money, and effort on remodeling, and then once all the work is completed, these people become restless because there's nothing left to do so.

For some, it's a way of maintaining balance while mastering a hobby and frankly making a little bit of money.

To cash inequity:

Some homeowners can not stand that their long was appreciated to be worth all that money, but the money is not in their pocket. These people would prefer to stay bank balanced than stare at four walls, but they want the money with empty pockets.

Lifestyle changes:

Others are simply tired of owning a home or prefer to travel or pursue a hobby, or some want to be less responsible. It means many past a certain age want to find a meaningful calling, so homeownership becomes less of a priority for these people. It becomes an opportunity for that eques equity to turn into the ticket for realizing those dreams, which means it's their equity they can do with it what they want and homeownership.

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