Tips to Sell Your House Fast and at best Possible Price

Define your goals:

You have to set your motivations, goals, and timelines. Define that so you know exactly what you are getting into and why it will get stressful and challenging. You will get tired of the process, but if you have a clearly defined goal, you will keep working towards that goal because you know the result is precisely what you want. It depends on the different situation; maybe you need to move because you have a job transfer you are going to set yourself up to sell your house a little bit differently than you would.

Setting those goals is going to help you know how you want that process to look; also, when you have your goals of motivations to find when you meet with your realtor, then you can tell those to your realtor, and it is going to be a lot easier for you. Work together with a realtor as a team and make sure that you are on the same page with the whole process of selling your home.

The 3D's:

About 75% of selling your home is prepared before you go to market, and about 25% is that time from contract to closing. The reason is that if you are doing the bulk of that preparation time, then you will set yourself up for a quick sale.

The three-D stands for which is declutter, depersonalized, and deep clean. If you want to earn the very most money on your house, you do not need to spend hardly anything. Decluttering is just hard work nobody wants to see your old trophy sitting around. Depersonalizing is in that same category nobody wants to see your kid's names written all over the wall and then deep cleaning; nobody wants to see a messy house. You can literally lose thousands of dollars if you have not deep cleaned, depersonalized, and decluttered.

Now, as an agent, when we are helping a buyer that is a great buying strategy is to look for homes whose pictures have messy houses they are cluttered and have way too much personalization going on because we know we can get those houses for a lower price and a better deal.

Do not be that seller; you want top dollar and do not want to be the one that we are looking for the messy pictures. Set yourself up for success and get the highest price possible, so remember deep clean, depersonal, and declutter that will equal thousands of dollars on your bottom line.

High-Quality Photography:

Make sure you hire a realtor who is going to put the money into hiring an outstanding quality professional photographer, one who does photography, drone video, and even 3d tours. It is essential to buyers now and if you have a good agent that will be part of their marketing plan. It is a clear, beautiful picture selling houses and junky pictures make houses sit on the market and lose money and be the losers of the bunch, and you don't want your house to be the loser in the neighborhood.

Accurate Market Valuation:

Correct pricing of your home is incredibly important. You cannot price your home based on your emotions that you love it so much because you bought your first baby home there you know what buyers are not going to pay for that they do not care.

The market sets the price, so how do you know what the market is saying? Well, that is where you get a very experienced realtor who knows their numbers inside and out, especially for your particular neighborhood. They can tell you precisely the range that the market is saying for that specific month and tell you what it is worth.

In a really hot market, sometimes the data changes weekly, so that is something that your agent is going to be on top-up. They are going to show you all of those numbers. So, you will have an obvious picture of what the market is saying about what your home is worth.


You want to stay cool and calm during negotiations. A Realtor knows that your house is so important to you and that you know your house is the best and most beautiful house on the block but guess what buyers do not know that, and they won't pay for your bias either.

Negotiating is all about coming to an agreement that works well for both parties. It is not about attacking an enemy. If you approach it that way, then it will not be a win-win situation, and it won't be a perfect situation for anyone, so you stay cool and calm during negotiations.

Contact us to sell house fast Houston, Tx:

The bottom line is who sets the price the market sets the price higher yourself an amazing realtor who will do all the market valuations for you, and you will be on your way to selling your house quickly because it is valued appropriately. Contact us today to sell house fast Houston, texas.

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