Struggling To Sell Your House? Here's What You Need To Do

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Your house has been perching on the MLS listings for months, despite leaving no stone unturned, nobody pursues you to make a lucrative bargain. What’s wrong? Putting up your house for sale is not just a piece of cake. From staging your house to open houses to regular upkeeps to spic and span sustenance, waiting for the potential buyer can be a long, nerve-wracking process and emotionally draining when you have no prior experience.

Even if you have spent all your time and effort to turn the tables and there has been no luck, don't dwell on it because even ugly houses have buyers. It doesn’t imply that your house is ugly, but there can be legit reasons if your house has been dwindling in the market for so long. One can’t influence the marketing trends, but tactical planning can break the ice for you.

We have laid out an expansive list of strategic know-hows to entice potential buyers to get your house within a reasonable timeframe without exhausting your mind and money.

Re-evaluate the asking price

Do not get too fixated on the property's value that you end up losing potential buyers. Sometimes the sellers are so emotionally hitched to their possession that they take it for overpricing the house, which eventually doesn't invoke buyers' interest. Don’t forget the neighborhood and locale have an immense impact on setting the price. You can’t get the asked price if the comparable homes in the locale are up at a lower price. Be mindful of the amount you need to pay for the mortgage while adjusting the asking price. Get the competitive marketing analysis of the latest home sold in the neighborhood to set an accurate rate.

Refresh Advertising

It is high time to beef up your marketing strategies. If your listing promotional details have been unmodified for months, the buyers will overlook your property. Shake up your advertising skills to prompt a valuable insight into a home's worth and trigger selling points. The buyers are not just looking at the property; they live through your house to make new memories.

  • Aced photography

Paint a picture with prompting visual triggers. Hire an aced photographer to spark an interest by capturing quirky shots; try snapping the façade from the street. Shooting the property from different angles in the natural daylight is imperative. Declutter and clean the house to boost visuals. Rearranging the furniture to boast a more spacious and comfortable display.

  • Details matter

Adding floor plans and details relevant to the target market can notch up the selling game. If you have a large family home, mention details about the nearby attractions, security, utilities, business districts, educational institutes, and medical facilities that brought you here in the first place.

  • Virtual tours

Virtual tours boast the property’s value manifold. It amps up your chances of getting numerous viewings booked. The idea is to facilitate buyers experience mindfulness as they walk past the door, picturing themselves living in the home.


Whether you are hosting in-person viewing or remote viewings, from mandatory renovation to pesky overhauls, fix up your interior and appliances, declutter to boast an ambiance that makes it as easy as possible for the buyers to picture your house as theirs. The lack of curb appeal can end up losing profitable gains. The professional eye of a stager can set you up to hitch the target market. From the fresh coat of paint to a high-maintained blooming garden to adorning your home with fresh flower vases, boasting an airy place with ample access to sunlight, every little detail inches up your chance to lock a win-win deal.

Switch the real estate agent

If your property is not getting the potential viewings despite high-end staging and reasonable asking price, then your real estate agent can be the culprit. Thoroughly look for a professional agent who has a great insight into your locale and the volatile marketing trends to aid you in making the right decision at the right time. Make sure he is worth the fee.

Quick sale companies

A sturdy alternative to all the hassle is to opt for quick sale services to cash at full tilt. It could be that you might not get your asking price, but from staging the house to closing costs to mandatory upkeeps, you can save yourself from the daunting process. You won't have to pay state agency fees, and many quick sale companies cover your solicitor’s fee. A win-win solution!

Take a break from the market.

If your property is sitting in for too long, then it may end up in three adversities:

● It may alarm the buyers, prompting them to make a mental note to avoid it.

● Buyers may end up cashing the time constraint to negotiate a less fruitful deal.

● They will end up turning a blind eye to it because of sitting there for too long.

Consider taking off your home for a while until things pick up. This will save you the time, money, and hassle of presenting a well-maintained property 24/7. Secondly, you will be able to cash a fresh chance to hitch the new crop of buyers scouring for their perfect place.

Rent to own

It is a good way to attract buyers who are not able to qualify for the lawn or not sure if they want to be buyers. They can rent the home for more than the market price to avail themselves to purchase before the lease expires. The buyer may offer a lump sum of 3-5% of the selling price, which goes to the home price. You can also convince the future owner to be responsible for the repairs to save your money.

If your property has been resting for so long, what if you are not listening, especially if the prospect is undesired. Stick to one mandate and don't blame anyone. Being an optimist means you are halfway there! Save your precious time and hard-earned money from the mandatory upkeeps and tedious overhauls because selling your as in just a click away! Connect with Honest Reviews 4 You to get connected to veritable house cash buyers to score profitable gains.

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