Benefits Of Selling A House To Cash Buyers

Updated: Mar 7

From a realtor's point of view, it's a great thing. When it comes to a realtor, if you have a buyer who is paying cash, typically, it's a slam dunk deal. The buyer comes in, has the money, finds a house, puts it in escrow, closes the deal; done. We collect our commission; it's a good day.

The benefit of selling your house for cash is that there is no bank involved. Normally when you sell a house the traditional way you know you have an agent they find you Know they find a buyer you pay them a fee, and then the buyer has to go and qualify for a loan. The challenge there is that underwriter that works for the bank is really in control of whether or not that buyer will be approved for that loan on that property at that point in time, when you sell directly to a local cash buyer there is no underwriter involved and there is also no appraisal.

Let us have a look on some benefits of selling a house to cash buyer in detail:

1. No chain:

There is no chain; this means that the sale can progress quickly, there are no delays like mortgage applications, and it is far less likely that any sale of this nature would fall through. It just provides you with security and certainty. When you sell to a professional cash buyer, like marking properties, you have that flexibility they can work to your time frame, so if you want to complete within a working week or if you want to go a little slow. You have that flexibility. You are not working on anyone else's time scales, and you have that complete comfort that they can do things at a time that suits you.

2. Getting a cash advance:

Getting a cash advance can be so useful when it comes to putting a deposit down for your next property home improvement or just making your life a little bit more comfortable. You are not liable or expected to carry out any other repairs, so regardless of the property's condition, you can sell to a professional cash buyer without having to redecorate without having to clear it out, and even if it's run down, and it's not going to affect the sale like it would if you were selling to say a couple or a family.

3. No fees:

There are no fees to be incurred on your side, so the professional cash buyer will take care of the solicitor's costs and any other cost that comes. It is such an expensive process, for the fact that you don't have any fees, is a massive advantage because it means you have more money to spend on your next chapter on what you want.

4. Less intrusion:

Nobody really wants to have people coming in and out of their house, and if you choose

a professional cash buyer, it's likely to be one visit in and outdone and dusted.

5. It makes you more proceed able:

Choosing to sell to a cash buyer also makes you more proceed able, so in your next property, you are not part of a chain that puts you above other people that are waiting for their sales to complete. It makes your vendor much more likely to accept your offer.

If you sell to a professional cash buyer, you have a point of contact, someone that you can reach if you have any questions or any concerns at all. Most professional cash buyers, especially ones who are part of governing bodies that make sure that everything is regulated and above board.

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