7 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Agent To Sell Your House

Updated: Feb 15

Selling your home is not just an emotional milestone; it is a dicey gamble that composites exquisite details to ace a win-win deal. The muddled thoughts caressing your mind while weighing the pros and cons of hiring a real estate agent might stir an enticing temptation to keep the brokerage charges in your pocket. The notion of securing a lucrative deal on your own just because the realtor's fee is high or someone in your circle had a bad experience; you are certainly overlooking the quintessential perks of hiring a realtor. It is unlikely to alter the fact that the value of working with a real estate agent cannot be understated. The truth is that when one looks at the bigger picture, a lot of experience and hard work goes into selling a house that you may not have considered. From local expertise to comprehending the precise pricing structures to apt international exposure to top-tier property marketing skills, getting an agent is the key to saving yourself from the long, tedious and complex daunting process. With so many things at stake, let’s scoop into the list of 7 potential reasons to hire a realtor.

1. Timing the market

No one but the real estate agent aptly comprehends the rapid influx in the real estate market. They are well-versed with all the potential aspects of the housing market. From inferring the rapid spikes in interest rates to foreseeing the uncanny economic elements, housing inventory, and unemployment, they have an intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of the market to ensure that your property gets exposure in the market at the right time to yield optimal returns. The longer your house sits with the For Sale sign in the MLS listings, the sooner it will raise red flags while losing its desirability among the potential prospects.

2. Arriving at your home’s right value

If you decide to lean into this venture on your own, the overwhelming emotions cloud your mind, leading to overpricing your home's value. Due to a lack of valuable insight into the volatile market and neighborhood, it might be that you stumble on the wrong side of the equation by undervaluing your home, losing thousands of dollars at hand. The sound way to be certain is to hire a real estate agent who has an insight into your neighborhood, is well-versed of the neighborhood comps, and is able to value your property from a different perspective. They can help you talk through what you have in mind whilst picturing the prices of similar homes in your locale that have been sold in the last three months.

3. Professional Negotiators

Real estate negotiations can be a bit pesky. The professional realtors have yonks of experience and savvy negotiation skills under their belt to ace the deal that yields lucrative returns. They vigilantly use their analysis of the real estate comps in the area and cash the positive aspects of your neighborhood, for instance, proximity to schools, public transport, business districts, parks, and recreational facilities. Secondly, they don’t hold onto any emotional ties that prevent them from making a sound deal.

4. Screening potential buyers

At any point in time, tapping into your agent’s network can connect you with prospective buyers to secure a sound deal without any delays. Their exquisite ability to screen potential buyers is a trait that comes in handy to avoid cons. A top realtor knows the tricky questions to ask buyers regarding their financing, eliminating time on non-qualified buyers. In addition, the registered realtors are well aware that securing a pre-approved buyer rather than the pre-qualified one ensures potential prospects walk through your house.

5. Staging advice

Staging your home adds to the aesthetic appeal and attracts the potential buyer. As the buyers walk past your door, they are not just looking at the house; they are living through your house, making memories in every corner. To be sure, if your property is aesthetically up to par, the agent can notch up the curb appeal and rearrange the house furniture and interior to make it easier for the buyers to envision themselves in the house. The top listing agents know what the buyers are looking for; they have all the resources and legit tools to make your home appealing to the most likely buyers.

6. Marketing your listing

Many of those who choose to sell their houses without the realtors end up sitting in the market for too long or settle for much less than the actual worth of the house. The legit reason why those “for sale by owner” deals don’t sell is that they are not aptly exposed and marketed enough to hitch the sight of potential buyers. With a strategic marketing plan, vigilantly tailored for individual clients, the realtors have access to extensive media platforms, in-house networks, potential MLS listing websites, and ample resources to market your home to the right audience.

7. Hefty paperwork

The real estate transaction features an expansive list of complete paperwork, contract documentation, and tricky requests, counteroffers, settlement statements, federal and state-mandated disclosures, and much more. Save your time and energy from the sheer amount of paperwork needed to close the deal. The need to thoroughly go through the federal regulations is prudent, or else closings can get overwhelming very quickly. Contracts and disclosures are not easily comprehendible; you need someone to navigate the closing contract to sell the home successfully.

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