7 Important Tips To Stage Your Home

Updated: Feb 15

Once you decide on selling your house, the main tip that can help get you a serious buyer and a good sum of money are that your house should be at its finest. Home staging is a form of interior design and art, do it right, and you’ll be able to sell your house in no time. Even if you don’t plan on selling your house, home staging can add way more character and aesthetic to your entire place- making it visually appealing.

When it comes to home staging, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune because we have some simple yet impressive tips that revamp your entire house in no time and will surely save you a lot of bucks.

1. Declutter To The Core

Fancy and expensive décor is all secondary because the main aspect that matters is how spacious and well organized your entire place looks. Having a lot of clutter, piled up or stacked up items tend to make the place look untidy and congested- which typically puts off any potential buyer.

  • By getting rid of extra household items, cartons, and packages, you can make even a tiny space look comparatively spacious.

The first thing any potential buyer notices is how spacious any living place is, and the only way to your buyer’s heart is to show them a place that is both organized and has enough space.

2. Do All Sorts Of Minor Patchwork And Repair

Chipped-off paint, discolored walls, and tiles, stains, or any tiny nicks or scratches tend to ruin the aesthetic of your place. Not only this, all these small issues can make a buyer think of major underlying construction issues, which we're sure you won't want. Any physical defects greatly undermine the character and essence of a place, so it's about time you put your repairing gloves on and get started.

  • Get those tiny ceiling holes filled, apply some white-wash or paint coats to all those discolored areas after scraping off all the chipped-off paint.

  • Get some melamine and bleach to remove all sorts of unwanted stains and leave your place as good as new to impress the buyer.

3. Make Sure Your Place Is Well-Lit

The lighting of any place makes it look impressive and welcoming. To attract your potential clients, you must make sure your living place is well-lit with all sorts of lights. A dim and poorly lit place tends to discourage buyers because of its gloomy impact.

Play around with lights, add closet lights, spotlights, side lamps, stair lights, and bulb lights to make your house look bright and exciting. Lightning has a significant impact on mood, so you can even include adjustable and colorful lights in bedrooms or the lounge area to make it all look even more fascinating.

4. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a perfect way of adding a touch of elegance and exclusivity to your home. Any place that has a lot of mirrors looks not only luxurious but also spacious! Mirrors make any living space more curated and designed. Even if you have any rooms that might feel cramped or short of space, try adding a statement mirror in the room, and you’ll see the difference.

  • By adding mirrors in hallways, lobbies, doors, and common walls, you can effortlessly make your house look bright, spacious, and exquisite.

5. Prefer Neutral Tones

Subtle shades like beige, off-white, grey, and brown appeal to more buyers because they make the place look welcoming and modern. When selling a house, you want to make sure your place looks like a blank canvas to the buyers so they can visualize it as their own and add colors to it as per their liking.

Hence, if you already have some brightly colored walls, you might want to change them to something more subtle to allow the buyer to feel they can decorate the place themselves.

6. Add Some Fresh Greenery

Adding plants, whether real or artificial, gives an enriching and homely vibe to your place. Bright greenery and potted plants add life and freshness to lounge space, bedrooms, washrooms, and hallways. You can either go for a bunch of small potted plants or a big vase full of fresh tulips or roses.

If you're into tiny tall plants, you can go for a money plant, cactus, or intertwined green wines. Plants and flowers tend to make your place look lively and visually pleasing- it also reflects that you put in a conscious effort to enhance the ambiance of your home.

7. Rearrange Your Furniture’s Placing

Furniture is another key aspect of your house that largely contributes to its overall look. Think of it as jewelry that adds more character to the original space; make sure you never overdo it, or else it’ll lose its significance.

Make sure your furniture items complement one another and match well with your decoration and theme. Arrange your furniture in a way that your room is perfectly balanced between being not too empty or crowded.

For example, if you have heightened sofas and chairs, consider going for a wide and short coffee table.

Staging a home doesn't mean you have to be some designer; all you need to revamp your house perfectly is to make some smart edits. Remember that it's the detailing that matters! Keep in mind every decorative aspect of your house, make sure it's visually pleasing, and you'll definitely be able to make some impressive upgrades to fascinate your potential buyers.

Now that you have aced your home staging, you would like to get a handsome price for your house and Honest Reviews 4 You will ensure just that with its comprehensive yet informative house reviews. Without further ado, follow these tips and upgrade your living space into a real-life dream house!

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